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Kick Butts Day Twitter Chats

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Welcome to the Kick Butts Day Twitter Chat Archive

Looking for an archive of past #KickButts Twitter chats? You can find them here!



July 27, 2010: Smoking & the Movies: What is its impact? And what can we do about it?


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A huge thank you to our participants on July 27th!

@ThumbsUpCA:Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down! of Sacramento, California.

@cyansocialmedia: California Youth Advocacy Network (CYAN) from Sacramento, CA

@schweitz06: April Schweitzer, Associate Director of Youth Advocacy at the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (chat guest)

@ATTACKToolkit: ATTACK Toolkit is a free resource for tobacco control advocates working with young adults.

@ALAgulfcoastFL: American Lung Association in Florida

@FDATobacco: Your source of news from the FDA Center for Tobacco Products.

@SmokeFreeLife: Seattle Cancer Care Alliance-sponsored site

@Advocate4Health: Livia Clandorf, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids' 2010 International Grant Award Winner

@LungNE: American Lung Association of New England

@emkile: Emily Kile, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids' 2009 National Youth Advocate of the Year

@HookedHollywood: A Smoke-Free Movie project supported by the Public Health Units in Central West Ontario, Canada.

@LegacyForHealth: The American Legacy Foundation

@ProjectUNIFORM: Creating military-civilian partnerships to end tobacco use.

@freeclear: A  healthy behaviors program

@CiggyButtz: From the Northern California Indian Development Council's Tobacco Program


@TobaccoFreeOR: Tobacco-Free Coalition of Oregon

@stacey_mcbryde: Public Health Nurse






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