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7-27 Transcript: Smoking and Movies

Page history last edited by Kick Butts Day 10 years, 3 months ago

Smoking & the Movies: What is its impact? And what can we do about it?
(this transcript has been modified for clarity - eg: RTs of the same information have been removed)

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Transcript from July 27, 2010 at 11am EST

All times are Pacific Time
July 27, 2010
KickButtsDay: Hi everyone! Welcome to our first Twitter chat, Smoking & the Movies - What impact does it have? & what can we do about it? #KickButts
 KickButtsDay: I’d like to introduce our guest for today, @schweitz06 (April). She is the Assoc. Director of Youth Advocacy @TobaccoFreeKids. #KickButts
schweitz06: Hi All! Thanks for joining us. #kickbutts
KickButtsDay: The format for 2day?s chat will be a short Q&A, moderated by me, w/ plenty of time 4 every1 to ask Q's in the 2nd 1/2 of the chat #KickButts
 KickButtsDay: So let's get started! Question #1: @schweitz06 - What’s the problem with depicting tobacco use in movies? #KickButts Great topic TweetChat at: http://tweetchat.com/room/kickbutts #kickbutts
schweitz06: Smoking in movies is one of the most powerful pro-tobacco influences on kids, accounting for 52% of adolescents who start smoking #kickbutts
schweitz06: The CDC named tobacco in the movies a major factor in teen smoking in 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006 and again in 2008. #kickbutts
FDATobacco: Also NCI: Total weight of evidence indicates causal relationship between exposure 2 smoking in movies & youth smoking initiation #kickbutts
ThumbsUpCA: Smoking in movies is responsible for addicting 1070 adolescents to tobacco every day, 340 of whom will die as a result #kickbutts
schweitz06: NCI reached this conclusion because scientific studies consistently show that smoking in the movies stimulates kids to smoke. #kickbutts
schweitz06: Comparing kids attitudes towards smoking be4 and after watching a movie with smoking moves attitudes in a pro-smoking direction. #kickbutts
KickButtsDay: Wow! Thanks @schweitz06, @HookedHollywood, @ThumbsUpCA, & @FDATobacco. Seems like there is a lot of research & evidence on this! #KickButts
KickButtsDay: So I guess that leads me to Q #2. Smoking in movies may cause kids to smoke, but is there even that much smoking in movies 2day? #KickButts
ALAgulfcoastFL: The smoking in movies tends to be sent through subliminal messages in our opinion #KickButts
ThumbsUpCA: There's still way too much smoking in today's movies. We keep track of the individual incidents and post them on scenesmoking.org #kickbutts
FDATobacco: NCI Monograph: Smoking is pervasive in movies, occurring in 3/4 or more of contemporary box-office hits http://bit.ly/a4vUz2 #kickbutts
cyansocialmedia: @ALAgulfcoastFL: How are the messages sent subliminally, do you have an example? #kickbutts
schweitz06: Very true, for example...Marlboros have been featured in at least 74 of Hollywood's top-grossing movies over the past 15 years. #kickbutts
ThumbsUpCA: For example, in the movie Crazy Heart, we counted well over 50 incidents. #kickbutts
schweitz06: http://www.smokefreemovies.ucsf.edu/problem/now_showing.html has a list of current movies with tobacco in them. #kickbutts
ATTACKToolkit: Perhaps its connected to Social Norms theory: overestimating a behavior leads to skewed perspective on accepted social norm! #kickbutts
ALAgulfcoastFL: @CYANsocialmedia when any character pops out a cigarette it communicates a subliminal message to viewers, similar to advertising #kickbutts
ThumbsUpCA: At our Hackademy Awards 2010, we nominated the film Nine as the worst movie for tobacco content. Transformers2 was nominated best #kickbutts
KickButtsDay: Thx @schweitz06 & @FDATobacco @ThumbsUpCA @ATTACKToolkit @ALAgulfcoastFL 4 the gr8 info on the prevalence of smoking in movies! #KickButts
KickButtsDay: W/ the fraction of films that r smoke-free still below 50% even 4 G/PG/PG-13 films, smoking in movies is clearly a big problem! #KickButts
KickButtsDay: With that in mind, @schweitz06, what do you see as a potential solution to the problem of smoking in movies? #KickButts
ATTACKToolkit: Let's keep in mind that delivery mechanism makes a big different in the way messages r accepted/rejected #kickbutts
schweitz06: There are 4 SFM policies that CTFK endorses...does anyone know what they are? #kickbutts
cyansocialmedia: @ALAgulfcoastFL In the animation "Road to El Dorado," there is smoking when they become rich, also subliminal that smoking=wealth #kickbutts
schweitz06: The first is to rate new smoking movies "R." Any film that shows or implies tobacco should be rated "R." #kickbutts
SmokeFreeLife: I wonder if smoking depicted in 3-D movies is even more persuasive? What will happen when they add scent in theaters? #kickbutts
ThumbsUpCA: Commonly perceived messages include wealth, relaxation, rebellion, independence, addiction, various positive character traits. #kickbutts
FDATobacco: NCI Monograph: Studies indicate antitobacco ads screened before films can help counter impact of tobacco portrayals in movies #kickbutts
schweitz06: The 2nd is for studios and theaters to run an effective anti-smoking ad (not produced by tobacco company) b4 a film with tobacco. #kickbutts
ThumbsUpCA: In 2007 MPAA announced?all smoking will be considered and depictions that glamorize smoking [...] may receive a higher rating.? #kickbutts
ATTACKToolkit: @ThumbsUpCA Are there negative reinforcements as well? #kickbutts
SmokeFreeLife: Great idea. I can imagine some great ads in 3-D. #kickbutts
ThumbsUpCA: @ATTACKToolkit We do come across occasional negative health messages, but they're rare #kickbutts
cyansocialmedia: "Certify no pay-offs" - sorry for the misspell #kickbutts
Advocate4Health: Hollywood makes tobacco use look glamorous, but there's nothing glamorous about lung cancer or heart disease! #KickButts
ThumbsUpCA: @LungNE We do find that many films try to portray tobacco as sexy. #kickbutts
schweitz06: Ultimately there should be no tobacco brand identification in films nor the presence of tobacco brand imagery in any movie scene. #kickbutts
ALAgulfcoastFL: Welcome to the #kickbutts chat @lungne!
schweitz06: I don't think it is surprising that the methods used in movies are the same as in advertising to lure new users. #kickbutts
SmokeFreeLife: Many films try and succeed in making smoking look sexy, especially to kids...sadly. #kickbutts
LungNE: Thanks @ALAgulfcoastFL! Looking forward to a good conversation about smoking in the movies. #kickbutts
emkile: @KickButtsDay strong anti tobacco ads before movies, no more brand identification. And that's just a start. #kickbutts
schweitz06: So to re-cap the 4 strategies are "R" ratings, anti-tobacco ads, no pay-offs and ultimately completely smoke free movies. #kickbutts
emkile: RT @schweitz06: there should be no tobacco brand identification in films nor the presence of tobacco brand imagery in movie scene #kickbutts
ATTACKToolkit: @schweitz06 could u elaborate more on what ways they r the same as advertising & in what ways they r different? #kickbutts
LungNE: Wat did everyone think of movie "Thank You For Smoking"? Entire movie about cigarettes, yet did show some negative consequences. #kickbutts
SmokeFreeLife: How will the 4 strategies be instituted? #kickbutts
KickButtsDay: Very comprehensive! RT @schweitz06: The 4 strategies r "R" ratings, anti-tobacco ads, no pay-offs & completely #smokefree movies #KickButts
ThumbsUpCA: @LungNE Here's our comprehensive file on the movie http://www.scenesmoking.org/reviewdetails2.cfm?id=603 #kickbutts
KickButtsDay: B4 we go to Q4, @schweitz06 could u elaborate on what ways the methods r the same & diff as advertising? (via @ATTACKToolkit) #KickButts
LungNE: @ThumbsUpCA Thanks for that link! #kickbutts
schweitz06: Many times the same is true in movies. The tobacco industry still wants people to see their products as cool and sexy. #kickbutts
FDATobacco: Some Tobacco Advertising and Promotion is Now Regulated by the FDA to Protect Kids from Tobacco http://bit.ly/dsxxT7 #kickbutts
KickButtsDay: Thx 4 elaborating! RT @schweitz06: The same is true in movies. The tobacco industry wants ppl 2 c their products as cool & sexy. #KickButts
LungNE: @KickButtsDay We can't believe all G/PG movies at least arent smoke free. Any recent examples? #kickbutts
FDATobacco: For example, FDA Regs Prohibit Tobacco Brand Name Sponsorship of Athletic, Musical, Social, Cultural Events http://bit.ly/dsxxT7 #kickbutts
ProjectUNIFORM: RT @FDATobacco: Some Tobacco Advertising and Promotion is Now Regulated by the FDA to Protect Kids from Tobacco http://bit.ly/dsxxT7 #kickbutts
ThumbsUpCA: @LungNE Fantastic Mr. Fox was pretty terrible. http://www.scenesmoking.org/reviewdetails2.cfm?id=1161 #kickbutts
LegacyForHealth: Movie Ratings downplay risk. On-screen exposure to tobacco imagery accounts for an estimated 180,000 new youth smokers annually. #KickButts
KickButtsDay: @schweitz06 - What can ppl do to get involved? And how would the 4 strategies be instituted? /via @SmokeFreeLife #KickButts
LungNE: @ThumbsUpCA Never would have expected a kids movie that got so much critical praise to have so much tobacco depiction! #kickbutts
cyansocialmedia: RT @LegacyForHealth: Movie ratings downplay risk. Onscreen exposure to tob. accounts 4 about 180,000 new youth smokers annually. #kickbutts
SmokeFreeLife: Thank you for organizing such a key conversation. I love the 4 strategies--pivotal to success. I must go now. Thanks again~ #kickbutts
LegacyForHealth: Adoption of 4 policies would help prevent US teens from starting to smoke and avert tens of thousands of future tobacco deaths. #KickButts
schweitz06: There are a range of the action. One easy one is to sign up for SFM alerts. To sign up, email movies@medicine.ucsf.edu #kickbutts
Advocate4Health: Tobacco imagery in youth-rated films encourages more teens to begins using tobacco products than any other source of advertising #KickButts
schweitz06: There is a coalition working together on implementation. Please visit http://www.smokefreemovies.ucsf.edu/actnow/index.html #kickbutts
ALAgulfcoastFL: @ThumbsUpCA @LegacyForHealth but how do we adopt & implement those policies? Ideas? #kickbutts
schweitz06: On the local level, advocates can work to engage local theaters. See if they will voluntarily run PSAs. #kickbutts
Advocate4Health: We can fight smoking in movies by writing letters to the MPAA #KickButts
schweitz06: At the state level, contact your Attorney General. Some AGs are pressing studios to solve this problem. C where your AG stands. #kickbutts
schweitz06: Also at the local level, push local and chain-wide policies to label video tapes and DVDs that include tobacco imagery. #kickbutts
LegacyForHealth: @ALAgulfcoastFL Must continue to urge the MPAA and its member studios to adopt/implement #kickbutts
ThumbsUpCA: @ALAgulfcoast We can work w/ theaters, the MPAA, filmmakers, and legislators to help promote tobacco-free films. #kickbutts
KickButtsDay: Thanks @schweitz06, it looks like there are a lot of actions advocates can engage in to make these 4 policies become reality! #KickButts
schweitz06: We can also utilize national days of action like KBD to take action on the SFM issue in order to generate media coverage. #kickbutts
FDATobacco: @KickButtsDay @schweitz06 Thanks for the informative tweetup on the public health problem of smoking in movies! #kickbutts
KickButtsDay: RT @schweitz06: We can also utilize nat'l days of action like KBD to take action on the SFM issue & to generate media coverage. #KickButts
KickButtsDay: We only have a few minutes left in our chat today. Does anyone have any last questions for @schweitz06? #KickButts
LungNE: Thanks to all for great conversation! Good to know we are all allies implementing 4 strategies to stop smoking in movies. #kickbutts
ALAgulfcoastFL: Thanks to @schweitz06 I found this petition to keep smoking out of youth-rated movies. http://ow.ly/2hgV2 RT & forward! #kickbutts
Advocate4Health: RT @LegacyForHealth: Adoption of 4 policies would help prevent US teens from starting to smoke and avert tens of thousands of future tobacco deaths. #KickButts
schweitz06: Thanks to all of you for participating. #kickbutts
cyansocialmedia: What can we do using Social Media to inform people about this issue and help to resolve it? #kickbutts
CiggyButtz: Commercial tobacco use is found in 20% of TV shows & 25% of music videos along with the frequent use depicted in movies. #kickbutts
KickButtsDay: Our time is up, but I?d like to thank everyone for participating & I hope the chat was useful! #KickButts
KickButtsDay: If you have any feedback, please feel free to email us at kbdinfo@tobaccofreekids.org. #KickButts
KickButtsDay: A huge thank you to everyone who participated! Have a great day! #KickButts


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